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Do You Know How To Give Yourself The Boot?

Well, I really mean how to care for boots. 

how to care for boots Next to sandals, boots are my favorite shoe style to wear. They are comfortable, if you bought the right ones, and offer an easy way to add some pizazz to any to care for boots

But a floppy boot is a no-no.

Without proper storage and support, your boots will develop creases, wrinkles and get stinky. Nobody wants wrinkles and creases in their footwear or bodies, but today I offer a solution to your boots. Plus, boots can be pricey, and an important way to care for them is to help them stay in shape.   We go to the gym to stay in shape, and sometimes we sweat, but your boots don’t have to.  Problem solved as I found an easy way to perk up your boots and not take up space in your closet; introducing the Voot boot shaper. TaDa!

See the video below to see how the Voot boot shaper works.

And they’re made in the United States.

how to care for boots

voot discount

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how to care for bootsToday was so productive AND you made it fun too! Thank you!  Now I look forward to getting dressed!   Before meeting with you, I second guessed what colors and styles were most flattering on me.  Now I just consult my color chart and the pictures you took and I’m dressed in a flash.”

Karen Herman – Organized Photos Forever