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You Are A Leader, but Do You Dress To Win?

Dress To Win


 Want To Know How To Dress To Win?


Via Twitter, I asked what one of the fabulous Women’s Campaign School at Yale attendees what her biggest takeaway was from my presentation. I love what she said, and here it is in plain English not Twitter speak:

“If you are a leader, it should be seen. If you don’t have time for yourself, how will people know you have the vision and time for them”

Shouldn’t you be a leader too? Don’t you want all those around you in both your business and personal lives, to believe that you care and will work hard to support them?

I had the privilege and honor to be asked to present my Dress To Win seminar to the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University.

73 women from all around the world who are either running for office or are looking to run campaigns, attended and had many questions about how to dress so as to project the right impression to their constituencies.

Based on all the questions and feedback that I received, I quickly realized that the goal of knowing how to dress to win did not exclusively apply to politics. All women want the same things:

* Dress age appropriately
* Look professional
* Know what style of clothing is best for their shape
* Convey ability and creativity
* To know which colors look good on them
* Have a wardrobe that does not cost a fortune
All the questions that you probably have as well.

It turns out that dressing to win is about understanding that your personal image affects what you get, give, and feel in the life that you live.

I have clients who have followed me for years until they made their first appointment with me. Why did they wait so long you ask?
Perhaps they did not realize what great leaders they really were and needed some time to accept that their personal image makes a huge difference in how they feel and what they say, without words, to those around them.

Let me save you some time; YOU ARE A LEADER!


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Dress To Win


“I’ve been style-challenged pretty much most of my life. It had become a way of life…stressing over what to wear, deciding on something, and most times feeling unattractive, unsexy, and worst of all, not feeling myself.  I decided one day I didn’t want to feel like this anymore. I took an honest evaluation of my personal and business life and realized that many times I fell short of booking a job or reaching out to increase my network of friends because I didn’t feel great about myself. Scarlett has an amazing ability to get to know you quickly and choose looks that accentuate your unique and best qualities. I’m at my best when I feel great, and Scarlett has transformed an aspect of me that needed a boost. I feel more ready than ever to get out there and do it! Thank you, Scarlett! You are a style rock star!”

—Maria Allen


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