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Creating Confidence Through Personal Styling

Creating Confidence

Read and hear the styling tips and personal image thoughts I shared as a guest on The Driven Woman Podcast.

The title of my spot is Creating Confidence Through Personal Styling.

Whether you are going to a school reunion, taking your kids, or grandkids,  to school, presenting, networking, or getting back in the dating world, YOU need to feel and look confident.

Why? Because, you never know who you’ll bump into….but really the most important reason you need clothes that make you look your absolute best, is
because you bump into yourself every day and feeling insecure or frumpy is self-destructive.

Listen to this episode and get inspired to start creating confidence with your clothes.

Just a bit of what you’ll learn:

  • Having a closet full of clothes and “nothing to wear”
  • How I was raised to embrace being different
  • Creating a wardrobe for the body and lifestyle you have now
  • Dressing for success, reimagined

And then she said

Before working with Scarlett, I had a closet full of clothes that no longer fit and zero ideas about how to dress my “new” middle-aged body in anything other than leggings. Scarlett provided thoughtful suggestions based on my needs and feedback about why pieces worked or didn’t work with my body type. More than once, she was part stylist, and part therapist, encouraging me to try new colors and styles. I now have outfits at the ready and get dressed without hating myself! Scarlett is a gem and I recommend her to anyone struggling to find their fashion way. Heather Frechette-Crowley