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Clothes Shopping tips To Always Know What to Wear

clothes shopping tipsHave you worn everything you bought on your last big shopping trip?

Recently one of my clients told me how she was so excited that she had actually worn everything she bought on our first clothes shopping trip together.

What really struck me, was that I never thought that it would be any other way, but her comment reminded me how often women do go clothes shopping and how very often simply end up not wearing what they purchased.

Have you found yourself doing the same when clothes shopping, therefore experiencing buyer’s remorse? Well, it happens to the best of us, but the trick is to learn from mistakes so as to not keep repeating them.


Here are 4 Don’ts to keep in mind the next time you feel the urge to go clothes shopping.

1.    Just because the price is right, does not mean you’ll ever wear it. If it isn’t right for you at full price, it won’t look better on you at 50% off.

2.    Resist the urge to buy what you already have. Ex: Another black dress or pants.

3.    Don’t buy the ‘must have’ color, unless it looks good on you!

4.    Never buy something too big or small. Only buy what fits now, as you can always shop again if and when you need another size.


Thank you Scarlett for helping me let go of the stress of dressing. It was very interesting learning that I am a summer palette of muted colors as well as the best neckline for the shape of my face. Who knew that gold jewelry is the preferred metal for my skin, hair and eyes? It was fun trying various outfits as we went through the closet of clothes, shoes, scarves and jewelry! Thanks for taking pictures cause I would NEVER remember. Wow, by the end of our time together I knew what would work or not work and I love that you recommended some missing items in my closet You really helped me gain control. Felt GREAT getting rid of the things I had no idea what to do with or wear with. Most of all, thank you for the CONFIDENCE that you instilled. Dressing will be much more fun!

– Cindi Melkerson


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