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Client Testimonials

Nyna Giles – Westchester NY

“Before I followed Scarlett’s closet organizing guide, my closet was very disorganized and I couldn’t find anything. Now, I can easily find what I am looking for and I am wearing things I forgot I had. Packing for trips is also much easier now.”

Jane Pollak – New York, NY

“The hanger tip is worth the price of admission. I always lose a few in the mix, and your suggestion will save me so much time and aggravation in the future. Well done!!!”

Sandra Sergeant

“Before I worked with you, I bought random pieces of clothing and would go thru my closet everyday, trying hard to figure out what to wear. Now my closet is organized, thanks to your tips, and filled with clothes from our shopping trip, that easily co-ordinate with each other. Picking out what to wear is now a joy thanks to you!”