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Beware The Sleeves

Maybe some can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, but not my beautiful friend Dawn, who happens to be a great hostess and cook.  

wardrobe malfunction

When she invites us over for dinner, we’re guaranteed
great wine, food, and conversation.

But last time she had us over, she had a wardrobe malfunction of sorts.

She discovered that the pretty top she had bought and worn for her dinner party, wasn’t made for cooking.

But, with quick thinking, and some scotch tape, she was able to avoid burning her sleeves or getting them into the yummy food she was preparing.

wardrobe malfunction

So, the lesson to be learned is, that if you’re planning on cooking or reaching over a table for a nibble or two,
avoid wearing the long bell sleeves that are so popular now.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


wardrobe malfunctionScarlett has provided me with a completely new vision for how I dress. After working with her remotely, I was armed with the knowledge I needed to let go of clothes and accessories that didn’t serve (or flatter) me any longer. I have transformed from the person who walks out of stores empty handed or worse with the wrong silhouettes and colors purchased, into someone who has a clear vision for what works and what I need to pull together outfits. Scarlett is a joy to work with and her recommendations were spot on.”  Stephanie Vuolo


Under 5 minutes Styling Tip every Tuesday at 12 noon EST. 
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About Scarlett:

I am an Image Curator. What’s that you ask?

Well, I create flattering & comfy outfits using a woman’s current wardrobe, that she didn’t even know she had. I show women how to dress for the body and life they have now and end that deer in the headlight look when they open their closet doors and say, wait for it…”I have nothing to wear”.

I also believe whether working with women one to one, virtually or in workshops, that they do not have to spend lots of money, wear fancy labels or follow trends to have a wardrobe she loves to wear.

And in case you’re wondering, YES I help women shop for clothes that will make them want to get out their calendar and plan lots of places to be & seen.

Give me a call at 914 4410756 when you want to change your life and wardrobe.