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Author: Scarlett De Bease

Want to make your waist look smaller?

Want to make your waist look smaller?

Raise your hand if you:

Want to make your waist/tummy look smaller?

OMG, that’s a lot of hands up!!!!! 😲😲😲

When you need or want, to distract from a wider middle and/or hips, you need to bring attention to your shoulders.

By bringing the eye up, the middle and bottom will be less noticeable.

Use color blocking, patterns, puffy or flouncy shoulders, scarves, and statement necklaces, not a thin strand of pearls or a small pendant-style piece, to bring the focus up and away from below.

The tops below, are examples of how color blocking and a flouncy sleeve can make small shoulders look broader, waists more defined, and take away attention from anything below you may wish was smaller.

Want more tips like these?

I’ll be conducting a virtual workshop next month, giving the tips to help you choose the right clothes,
and stop wasting money on the wrong ones. To receive notifications when enrollment opens up, please message me on my official Scarlett Image Facebook Page and send the message ‘More Styling Tips Please’ to learn how to Stop Stressing About Dressing.

You can also book a Zoom call with me and find out how I’ll find the perfect clothes for YOU. 

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Beware Pop-Up Ads

Beware Pop-Up Ads

Raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen head over heels for a dress, shirt, or pair of pants while scrolling through your social media feed, or casually browsing online?

Oh, those vibrant colors, perfectly draped fabrics, and models looking like they’ve just stepped out of a fashion fairytale – it’s like a siren’s song luring us into a sea of shopping temptation. 

But here’s the twist: what arrives at your door might resemble what you saw in the ad about as much as flip-flops do to stilettos.

Beware Pop-Up Ads

It’s the classic tale of the bait and switch – the dress that looked like it was spun from dreams turns out to be spun from something that feels like plastic wrap, the color that seemed so alive on your screen is now closer to a distant cousin of its former self, and the fit that was supposed to be tailored perfection ends up making you look more like a makeover before than an after. 

Now, let’s talk about quality – or lack thereof. Remember the promise of a luxurious fabric that caresses your skin like a soft summer breeze? Well, brace yourself for something that might feel more like sandpaper in comparison. 

It’s not uncommon to discover that the “finely crafted” seams are unraveling at the sight of a gentle tug, or that the buttons have decided to take a leap of freedom just when you’re about to head out the door.

Before you get carried away, take a moment to peek behind the curtain – read reviews, and do a little detective work on the brand’s reputation. 

Make sure to share your own stories of successes and letdowns in a review, adding a dash of honesty and clarity to the enchanting mix of online shopping.

If you can hold yourself back, instead of buying from those pop-up ads, try shopping from more traditional retailers and designers. 

I’ve made a few mistakes myself, and don’t want you to do so as well. It was a humbling reminder that not all that glitters online turns out to be gold in reality.

True Story

A  dear friend ordered a wild and wacky outfit for a party and brought his purchase over to my house for me to share his experience with you. HERE it is. 

Note: the reason you can’t see how extreme the blurriness was like we could, is because the iPhone automatically corrected it.

Ladies, it’s time to shop smarter and say goodbye to fashion regrets! Book a Zoom call with me and find out how I’ll find the perfect clothes for YOU. 

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No Barbie for me…

No Barbie for me…

It’s Barbie mania out there!

Ah, those Barbie-less wonder years!

Growing up, I was the envy of all the other girls in the neighborhood because I never had a Barbie doll.


Oh, my mother was quite the rebel, marching to the beat of her own drum! While everyone else was swooning over those impossibly proportioned dolls, my mom had a different plan for me. She believed in individuality and uniqueness, and she made it her mission to ensure I never felt pressured to conform to societal norms.

Instead of Barbie, she bought me wholesome Tammy and her sister Pepper.

Did you even know those two existed???

It was tough being the one with the different doll, but also educational.

Why be like everyone else?

My mom encouraged me to explore the world of creativity, adventure, and imagination by not copying others. No disappearing into the crowd for me.

When I wanted white Go-Go boots, she bought me orange ones.


OK, she took it too far that time, but you get her intention.

Thanks to my mother, I’ve become a personal wardrobe stylist who loves to be unique, and creative.

Looking back, I’m incredibly grateful for my mom’s unconventional approach because it instilled in me a deep appreciation for being different and thinking outside the box.

Speaking of boxes, here I am in a Barbie box at the premier of the Barbie movie at The Prospector Theater where my son works.
Definitely check it out.

Here’s to being different!!!

Note: The Prospector Theater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing competitive and inclusive employment to people with disabilities through the operation of a first-run movie theater and online popcorn business.

Just like Barbie, we all have our own style magic! 🎀 Now, it’s time to embrace what makes you special. Are you ready to transform your style and love the clothes you wear? Book a Zoom call with me to find out how to work with me in person or virtually so you can finally love the clothes you wear and how you look in them.

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Strangers Could Compliment You Too

Strangers Could Compliment You Too

You know what’s awesome? When you wear an outfit that gets compliments.

Or when you contribute to a conversation, and people thank you for your two cents.

It always makes you smile – inside and out.

Compliments come in many forms, but when someone says, “Hey, you look great!”, it’s like a round of applause for your day!

Let’s be real, those compliments make you feel like you’re on top of the world, kind of like that day you get your hair done feeling.

When we dress in a way that makes us feel confident and gets those compliments rolling in, it’s a transformative experience that impacts you on multiple levels and I might add, is infectious.

You deserve to feel confident, appreciated, and downright fabulous! So please put on an outfit that gives you those feelings, even if your only place to go today is the supermarket.

And then she said…

Much to her delight, and mine, one of my wonderful clients is getting complimented about her outfits so often, she asked me to mail her my business cards for her to pass out.

Another cherished long-time client simply responds with “Thank you, it’s Scarlett” when people compliment her outfits.

Considering how much I strive to assure my clients get compliments not only from themselves but others as well, these experiences are one of my favorite compliments to receive. ❤️🤗❤️🤗

What’s your favorite compliment to get or give?

These are the business cards I mailed to my client, in a note card titled Applause. 🙂

Time for you to be noticed and receive the compliments you deserve, Book a Zoom call to find out how to work with me in-person or virtually and finally love the clothes you wear and how you look in them.

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Ready to laugh at fashion?

Ready To Laugh at Fashion?

Let’s have some fun today, and laugh at fashion!

I discovered this incredibly entertaining performance by Mary Martin, Peter Pan, mother of Larry Hagman, choreographed by the legendary Jerome Robbins.

It is a fun display of women’s fashion, but thankfully, contorting oneself to ‘fit in’, is no longer needed. Well, at least not in my book.

Enjoy and marvel at Mary Martin’s talent.

Let’s laugh and have some fun, Book a Zoom call to find out how to work with me in-person or virtually, and finally love the clothes you wear and how you look in them.

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How To Dress To Look Like The Expert You Are

How To Dress To Look Like The Expert You Are


I’m in the library giving a presentation, so we need to keep our voices low.

Okay, I’m not exactly in the library, but I was when I gave a virtual presentation on the importance of wearing clothes that send the right message, to the New York Public Library last week.

You can watch my How To Dress To Look Like The Expert You Are talk here.

I’ll warn you that this is a longer talk than usual as I shared many tips, and a lot of attendees asked great questions. 

Note: I offered a 30-minute complimentary session to 10 people who attended, but that is no longer available. 

If you are looking for style transformation not just information, Book a Zoom call to find out how to work with me in-person or virtually, and finally love the clothes you wear and how you look in them.

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Trust Your Own Opinion

Trust your own opinion

One of the pieces of advice I share with my clients, and in many of my presentations, is not to let others tell you what you should wear or buy.

I’m talking about friends, family, or the salesperson that tells you EVERYTHING looks faaaabulous on you.

Yes, I show my clients which clothes fit and flatter them the most, but I NEVER tell them what they must wear or buy.

This becomes their decision when they see how great they look in the right clothes for them, and I ALWAYS and I mean always tell my clients that the only opinion that counts when they look into the mirror is their own. Period!

Don’t let anyone tell you not to wear something that makes you happy or be talked into buying something you don’t really like.

Your first impression is the one that counts.

One of my wonderful clients needed to learn how to stop letting her mother-in-law’s negative comments get into her head, making her feel insecure while she was successfully transforming her wardrobe, life, and self-image.

People from different generations than yours, like moms and daughters, have VERY different style tastes and they are likely not right for you. You have to be able to say no to their ‘helpful’ comments and trust your own opinion.

Simply put…you need to listen to your own opinions, not others.

Know Your Personal Style

know your personal style
Exhibit A

Personal style is one of the most powerful ways we can express ourselves, but it’s not always easy to find our unique voice in a world that’s constantly telling us what to wear.

Take a look above at Exhibit A from a segment on a morning TV show. 😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳

A stylist who has a large following on Instagram was invited to inspire the viewers with the outfits he created.

I actually like the blue pants with the funky striped top on this particular woman, but does it inspire you? Help you know what to wear?

Pssst, follow me on Instagram to get styling tips that will inspire and help you.

The bottom line is we’re bombarded with images of what’s trendy or what’s expected, but true personal style is about embracing who you are, knowing how to flatter all your unique features, and wearing what makes you feel good and comfortable.

The next time you see someone on TV tell you what you should be wearing, don’t believe them. They don’t know you or even what you look like.

Remember, your personal style is not just about the clothes you wear, it’s about how you feel in them.

I saw the following on a label for a dress I recently bought for myself:

❤️Fashion says me too. Style says only me. ❤️

Dress in clothes that are perfect for just you, and you’ll be loving

having your own personal style.

You need to set up some boundaries for yourself to not be influenced to buy clothes you end up not loving to wear.

And, speaking of boundaries….

know your personal style

Announcing a FREE event but with limited virtual setting.

Boost Your Boundaries & Elevate Your Style

In this one-hour interactive LIVE webinar, Image Consultant, Scarlett De Bease, and Boundaries and Communications Expert, Sandy Weiner, will teach you how to improve your boundaries and your personal style to increase confidence and success in every part of your life. 

Includes Q & A and free gifts! Registration limited. 

Register now before it fills up.

Trying-On Clothes Tip

To shoe or not to shoe when trying on clothes?

Here’s a quick trying-on clothes tip to help you properly evaluate whatever you’re trying on…

Wear shoes!!!!

It is amazing how much better pants, jackets, dresses, skirts, or even tops, look when you’re wearing the shoes that you’d wear with them.

Shoes add height which completely changes the proportions of how clothes sit on your body.

Even a ½ inch heel makes a difference.

Just the other day I tried on a new dress barefoot and was feeling like it was just ok.

Then I put on the sandals I would wear with it and was in love.

You might be not buying or wearing certain clothes because you didn’t try them on with shoes.

The twenty seconds it will take you to put on shoes will allow you to be less unhappy when you are shopping or putting an outfit on when home.

Hey, it’s a shoo-in!!


And then she said…

“Please take advantage of Scarlett’s expertise to save you time AND money. She will teach you tricks of the trade to make you look and feel your best. She provides so much information on a personal level, you will know how to dress to make you look like your best self.” JB

Here’s what JB did to say the above.