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Author: Eric Gotfrid

Tips On What to Wear

Tips on what to wear in and out of the shower.

Ever wonder what I wear in the shower? 😂😂

OK, probably not, but I must say I’m very stylish thanks to the Tiara shower cap, that I featured in my 2021 Favorite Things.

Well, the creator of these fabulous shower caps, closed the deal on Dragon’s Den which is Canada’s version of Shark Tank, and she invited me to be her guest on @Shopmytiara on her Instagram Live.

Watch the interview here and get some tips on why changing your clothes, will change so much more than you realize.

You’ll also learn why the Tarra shower cap is so good.

Tips To Have More Outfits In Your Closet

Have more outfits with fewer clothes than you already own.

Find out how in the first of my 3 episodes on a new streaming show called Better Than GossipTV, on Binge Networks TV.

In this episode, I share tips on how to de-clutter and successfully ‘shop’ in your own closet.

Watch my episode here, and please let me know your favorite take-a-way.

 See more about Better Than Gossip TV, and where else to find Scarlett here.

How To Wear Stripes To Look Thinner

Here’s how to wear stripes to look thinner.

How to wear stripes to look thinnerHow to wear stripes to look thinner

Have you ever been told not to wear stripes because they’ll make you look bigger?

That’s not always true.

Look at me in stripes. See how tiny I look?

OK, I look especially tiny because I’m standing against this giant 200 to 300-year-old incredible sycamore tree in Simsbury CT, but there are ways to wear stripes and look smaller without having to stand in front of a giant tree.

One example is when your bottom is wider than your top half.

That’s when you should consider wearing horizontal stripes on top. It’s a great way to trick the eye and make your bottom look more in proportion to your top.

Note: Try not to buy too many stripe tops. They can be addictive and like everything else in life, too much of a good thing isn’t always good.  I’ve seen enough closets to know that’s a fact.

And then she said…..

“Now, I almost never worry about what to wear.  And if I do, I just reach out to Scarlett for advice and she gives me a stress-free solution”. L.E.

5 Style Tips To Help You Stop Stressing About Dressing

Dear Style Seeker:

Having worked with so many women who were tired of being frustrated trying to figure out what to wear for their shape, age, and size, I have developed many ways to create a fabulous and flattering wardrobe for my clients. The end result is an improved self-image, and far more self-esteem and confidence.

Use the tips in this guide, so that you too can like what you see in the mirror and smile at your reflection.

I remember when I learned what did and didn’t look good on me, I felt incredibly empowered as I could now choose what to wear in an informed and stylish manner. I stopped wasting money on the wrong clothes, standing in front of my closet getting frustrated trying to figure out what to wear, and always feeling less than the other women in the room. I hated those feelings, and now have made it my mission to show other women that they can love how they look and feel when they always know what to wear and no longer feel they don’t look their best.

I want to share with you the big difference just a few changes can make for you and why you should know them.

If you ever wonder why some clothes look great on you, while others do not, please read 5 of my tips that you should know, but probably don’t.


  1. Investigate colors.
  2. Make fit, not size your priority.
  3. Avoid being trendy.
  4. Go for accessories.
  5. Embrace a change.

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