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Are you A Gladiator?


Are you A Gladiator?

Are you A Gladiator? Well, I am here to say that I am a loud and proud Gladiator, which is what fans of the TV show Scandal are called.

If you love the show, you know why we’re called Gladiators.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, this all stems from an OMG, I love Scandal too conversation I was recently having with a fellow entrepreneur, and then she said something that made my Wardrobe Stylist ears perk up big time.

“My style is like Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope, but I can’t dress like her”.

Oh really?
I say, au contraire.

So I respond with, what about Viola Davis who stars in How To Get Away With Murder?”

After all, her character, Annalise Keating, also has a drop dead, pun intended, gorgeous wardrobe.


Are you A Gladiator


Despite both actresses being different in age, size, coloring and features, each have incredible wardrobes and truly enviable outerwear.

Not sure if it is ever hot in How To Get Away With Murder or on Scandal.

Shame on you, 

I’m talking about the weather.

In both shows, the actresses always seems to be wearing stunning, and I mean really, really, gorgeous coats and capes.

I guess ShondaLand, which is what the shows that producer Shonda Rhimes has created are called, is someplace that doesn’t have temps above 60 degrees.

Spoiler Alert:  Maybe now wouldn’t be a good time to check out Annalise’s wardrobe as she is in prison. Trust me, it isn’t pretty right now.

So, here’s the thing; dressing well has nothing to do with size or age, and everything to do with specifics.

In these photos:

  • each woman is wearing red, but note in very different shades.
  • each is wearing a jacket, see I told you it’s always cold in ShondaLand, but in styles that flatter their individual shapes.
  • each woman looks incredibly confident and powerful.

YOU can dress like a confident and powerful woman too. All you have to do is know how.

Please stop thinking you can’t and start knowing you can.

See my on-line course  I created to get you from where you want to be, to actually being there.

The makeover you’ve always dreamed about getting, is only a click away.

Are you a Gladiator too?