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Are Crop Pants Right For You?

You know that pair of cropped or ankle pants in your closet you bought because everyone else was wearing them?

Ever feel that they don’t look as good on you as they do on someone else?

Here’s why and what I came up with to make my only and I mean only pair I own, work for me

  • Wear VERY high heels that will cause you a great deal of foot pain to make you truly look faaabulous in your cropped pants…JUST KIDDING!! When you look at the models and celebrities that looks so good in short pants, they are typically wearing very high heels…

    or if they are VERY skinny and tall then they can pull off flats.

  • You can wear ankle boots, but that is for the fashion daring women or trend follower, which personally I am of neither.

  • If you are about 5’3 or under, cropped pants just make you look shorter so skip them altogether and wear full length to add height which also create a slimming effect.

So how about trying what I did.

When I put on my, see photo, black and white print pants on last summer, I wasn’t happy with how they looked on me anymore. Heels or flats, just weren’t right.

I was trying on shoes like Goldilocks looking for the ones that would make me happy, when…

I put on my only pair of ankle strap sandals and to me, they were just right.

The ankle strap filled in that extra space, and I no longer felt chopped up.

Try this only if you already have a pair of shoes like mine. Please do not go out to buy a pair, unless you are 5’5 or taller.

If you are already on the shorter side, you shouldn’t even own a pair of ankle strap shoes as the strap cuts the leg and makes you look shorter than you really are.

Scarlett In Red Dress

What do you think? Ready to strap on pair??