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90% Of New Year’s Resolutions Fail

This means 90% of the women who tell me they want to lose weight before they work with me end up calling me exactly one year later and usually are not thinner.


Because for many, losing weight wasn’t that easy, and sometimes even more weight was gained. Yeah, that happens a lot and I’ve been there myself.

Don’t beat yourself up, if you are not successful with a resolution.

Instead, of trying to change your body, how about you change your clothes?

If your clothes are wrong for you, losing weight isn’t going to be the solution. Often, my clients lose weight after learning how to dress the body they have.

When you like what you see, it changes how you feel and that’s the best motivator of all.

Ready to not let another new year go by feeling low in self-confidence about what you wear and the message you are sending with your clothes?

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Or, you could let another year go by.

But, why?

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