5 Styling Tips To Look 5 Pounds Thinner… In 5 Minutes (or less!)

I hear it all the time: "I want to lose weight."

I hear myself saying it too, but saying it doesn’t always make it happen. So in case, you’re busy wanting, longing and planning on losing weight, use the below 5 Styling Tips To Look 5 Pounds Thinner… In 5 Minutes (or less!)

1. Wear a thin, not bulky scarf that hangs down to about your belly button, or slightly below if you are over 5'3".

See how the scarf on my assistant Susi can make a body look more like a rectangle than a circle?
Now a tummy can be disguised before and after dessert.

2. Wear tops that end right below the widest part of your hips and not tucked in.

I have NO idea who this woman is standing in my office, wearing her working at home, doing laundry, errands and cooking clothes, but I hear she prefers wearing her tops out, not tucked in. Note how her lower half looks thinner. If she were wearing a less wrinkled top, it would look even better. Rumors are she hates to iron.

3. Only wear clothes that fit you now, not a few or many pounds ago.

If this woman was wearing a loose top like, the I have no idea who the above woman is, she would easily look 5 or more pounds thinner.

4. Don't throw on bulky tops or jackets.

See how my size 6 assistant Susi, now looks like a size 14+ with all the layers.

5. Tighten your bra straps and get a bra fitting.

When you lift them up, you’ll have more of a waistline which results in an instant visual reduction of your waist.
Bonus: You’ll find yourself standing taller which always helps to make you look thinner.

If you get stressed out trying to figure out what to wear and putting outfits together, you’re not alone.
I haven’t met a woman yet that didn’t have image issues, so whether you’re a size 2 or 20, chances are you aren’t completely happy with how you look.
I take pride in my ability to dress a woman to make her feel absolutely amazing – no matter what “flaws” she thinks or may have. If you want help to feel and look amazing simply send me an
email or call 914-441-0756 to set up a time for a complimentary Stop Stressing About Dressing session, and please share with me your wardrobe wishes and woes and I’ll give you some solutions.

The best time to make a change was yesterday, and the second best time is today!