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Stop Stressing About Dressing

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Know Where Your Prints Are and How To Look Thinner In Clothes

Want to look thinner in clothes? Sometimes we don’t see a problem, till it becomes amusingly obvious. Here’s the deal. I recently bought this top for those hot summer days when I want to look and feel cool. The colors and proportion are right for me, the pattern makes me happy, but…..
    I noticed on the second day that I wore it, how two of the flowers ...
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Get It Out!!

Get Out The Ain’t Gonna Happen

Get Out The Ain’t Gonna Happen There really are never any good reasons to hold onto clothes that no longer fit, flatter, or make you happy, yet….. Need an incentive? How about making money and/or giving others clothes they may not be able to afford? Here’s an easy way to get out those ‘ain’t gonna happen’ clothes out of your closet and home and make a few extra dollars ...
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cold shoulder

I Need To Give You The Cold Shoulder

Sometimes too much of a good thing, becomes a bad thing. It also can become boring to see the same thing, over and over again, and that is why I am warning women to not go crazy over the cold shoulder trend in tops and dresses. I mean it is everywhere, and nothing is special if it is all over the place. Hint. Hint. A hint that the cold shoulder ...
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I also have no problem washing my clothes in a the bathroom sink.

These Are The Outfits I Created From My Carry-On Bag

My last blog post showed what I packed for my 2 countries in one week trip last month, and now these are the outfits I created from my carry-on bag.   London Travel Outfit Changed shoes and added a long sleeve light jacket Wearing sneakers & no jacket as it is very hot here in London Chose a dress to feel cooler & added my light black jacket for dinner ...
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Two Countries, One Week In A Carry-On Bag

When you see this post, I will have already been in London and on my way to Lisbon, and when I travel I only use a carry-on bag, so I’m outta here. Two Countries, One Week In A Carry-On Bag. WHAT??? Only a carry-on, you ask? Yes, ONLY a carry-on. No suitcases to check in, and nervously wait for at the carousel. I want every minute to be used for touring, ...
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